How to Prepare Your Sports Card Collection for Sale

Step 1

Sort your cards by year and manufacturer (1952 Topps, 1951 Bowman, etc.). If you don’t know the year or manufacturer of your cards, click here for help identifying a card.

Step 2

Separate the stars (Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron) from the other cards for each year/manufacturer.

Step 3

Create a list for each year/manufacturer and write the stars on the list.

Step 4

Count the remaining cards (commons) for that year/manufacturer and write down the quantity on the list as ‘commons’.

Step 5

Continue for each year/manufacturer.

Step 6

Take front & back pictures of the stars. 

Step 7

Email or text us the pictures and then email your list.

Step 8

Our turn! After we review your list/pictures, we will send you a Price Estimate. Why a “Price Estimate?” Sometimes there are issues or defects with a card that cannot be seen in a picture. To come up with the final Purchase Price we need to evaluate the cards in person.

These steps can seem very tedious, but it will help us get a general idea on the value of your collection. From that we will be able to give you a price range that you can expect to be paid.

Why should I sell to Kurtz Kardz?


Confidence. Experience. Trust.

We start with the more valuable cards from your collection. We grade them while showing/explaining the reasons for the grade. We then establish a price for the card with a full explanation of how that is done. We continue with the remaining cards and come up with an offer for the entire collection. The process is very straight forward. We have been in the card collecting hobby full time since 1996. We have purchased nearly every card in existence except for the ‘True Rarities’. No T206 Wagner yet!!

My guarantee is that you will feel comfortable within the first 10 minutes.

Sounds a little overly confident? Well, I have purchased hundreds of collections over the last 26 years, with some very pleased clients. Check out my testimonials.

How to Sell to Kurt

Option 1.

Simply call us and explain what is in your collection. We make house calls on larger/more valuable collections. 303-792-9665

Option 2.

Ship us the cards. We can help you pick a carrier and also give you some tips on how to pack, insure, and track the cards. Call for the address and tips: 303-792-9665